SOUNDTAXI - production Music library
Agency | 2021 - 2023
To do
Concept, Strategy, Rebrand, Visual Design, Design System, UX/UI, Wireframes, Clickdummy, Front & Backend, AI Integration, Styleguide
my role
Creative Design Director, UX Consultant, Copywriter, PM
Release Date
January 2024

This high-budget project (currently in beta) was a game-changer for Our client challenged us to orchestrate a complete overhaul of their Music Library, introducing a new visionary concept, sophisticated logic, a modernized aesthetic, and seamless interactions among users, artists, and curators. Furthermore, we were tasked with pioneering a cutting-edge licensing system, advanced digital payment solutions, and a search engine that would outclass the competition.

In addition to that, we had to shed the outdated 'stocky appearance' and design fresh cover art for their playlists. In the end, we wrapped it all up with a slick and modern logo rebrand.


To kick things off, we embarked on an extensive research phase to analyze the competition and uncover customer needs, crafting the user journey accordingly. Then, we developed a sophisticated concept that considered the music creators, the client's curation team, and the end users.

Following our mood board, we dropped some style- and wireframes to proceed with a practical click dummy to manage complexity. To enhance their search engine, we saw the opportunity to integrate artificial intelligence, enabling users to discover the perfect track effortlessly by referencing their Spotify preferences.


Even in its beta stage, we've achieved remarkable results for our client. We've significantly improved accessibility to the Library, simplifying the process for creators seeking to clear and monetize their content on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Simultaneously, we've introduced customer retention through a subscription model and integrated popular payment solutions such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Most importantly, we've tackled the perennial frustration of users—finding the perfect track for their projects in minutes, all thanks to our AI-powered solution.

New Membership Strategy - Subscription Model



Figma Board - Atomic Design

Figma Board - Interactions


Tablet UX

Audio Player - UI