DB Lernwelt
Deutsche Bahn
Ogilvy 2018
Teaser for Online and Social
UI Design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
my role
Creative Director / UX Design Lead

This was quite a challenging task, as there was no Creative Director available at Ogilvy to handle the "DB Lernwelt" project. So, our Managing Director asked me to step in and act as one:))

Their in-house team usually handled the visual design but hit a roadblock translating it into the UX/UI realm. With delays mounting and employees eagerly anticipating 'The Next Big Thing,' they turned to us not only to create an engaging platform teaser but also to take over the UX/UI work.

So we had to come up with a concept on how to maintain employee engagement by hinting at something exciting on the horizon. At the same time we had to team up with our Dev Unit to work on the UX/UI Design for the platform itself.


We kicked things off with the first of a trilogy of trailers, sporting the catchy hashtag #datutsichwas. This way we would keep their employees engaged while keeping the big reveal under wraps. Following this, we crafted two additional trailers, each delving deeper into the exciting details of the upcoming learning platform.

Remarkably, it clicked. The approval came swiftly, and from that point on, there was no stopping our momentum.


In April 2018, the DB Learning World was introduced to the board and 3,000 executives, key influencers within the DB Group. By the first quarter of 2019, the DB Learning World had already garnered over 35,000 active users. Fast forward to mid-2020, just a little over a year after its launch, and the user count had surged to more than 155,000. Since mid-2021, we proudly boast over 200,000 registered users on the DB Learning World.Today, the DB Learning World goes beyond its initial three focus areas, offering DB Group employees a diverse array of digital learning content, comprising over 1,000 courses and learning nuggets, and the trend is only going upwards."